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Season 10 airs Sept 25th

"People lie. But bones always tell the truth." -T.B.


Best Bones EpisodesThe Doctor in the Photo | Season 6 Episode 9

I could seriously watch this episode one million times in a row and never get tired of it. This episode is not only the turning point of the entire series, but it’s also one of the most important. Brennan is finally starting to understand her feelings for Booth. So, I find it understandable that she never directly tells Booth that she loves him. I mean in The Parts of the Sum of the Whole, Booth never told Brennan that he loved her (although he most likely knew that would scare her off the second he proposed a relationship to her). When we met Brennan in the first season, this is where you thought she would be eventually. It was to be expected that she would eventually open up to Booth and consummate a relationship with him. I mean with all that sexual tension? It had to happen sometime. She put aside what she thought was rational and decided to live in the moment, not live the life she had expected. I mean she set herself up for failure. She knew Booth better than Booth probably knew himself. She had to have known that he wouldn’t have just gotten up and left Hannah for her. Booth is too loyal of a person to do that. But she had to say something to him. He was starting to drift from her. The one person who promised to be there forever was beginning to leave and she couldn’t afford for one more person in her life to abandon her. Yes, what she did was for her. She did something selfish. But from since Hannah came into the picture, she supported Booth. She spared her own feelings for Booth’s happiness and I think that shows just how much she actually loves him.

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